New Website!

MAKE has created a beautiful new platform for our website that makes it easier to provide information about our makers, activities, workshops, performances, schedule, and sponsors! We are in the process of redirecting this old page to our new one. So make sure to save this new link and get rid of the old one! Want to be involved at our Faire on Oct. 1st? Go to that link! The Call for Makers is now live and so is our call for volunteers!


Maker Faire Global Producers’ Summit 2016!

Maker Faire Global Producers Summit 2016 San Fransisco

We recently attended the Producers’ Summit held in San Francisco this past weekend, and let me tell you, it was GREAT! We were able to collaborate, brainstorm, share techniques, and learn so much from the incredible team at MAKE and the other producers from around the globe. For a more detailed story of the summit, read it here!

We were already energized for the new year and after this weekend, we are ready to hit the ground running! Make sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date with new info. We will be posting in just a few short months!

-Monica & Destra from City of Rocklin: Recreation, Arts, and Event Tourism Dept.

Recap videos from our 1st event!

Thank you SCUM TV for interviewing our wonderful Makers! Love the footage!

Feel free to share them with your friends and family! Use any of our hashtags! #RocklinMiniMakerFaire #RocklinMMF #RMMF2015 #MakerFaire #RocklinMakerFaire



We here at the City of Rocklin Recreation, Arts, and Event Tourism Department, would like to thank all of our Makers, Sponsors, Presenters, Workshop Hosts, Crew, and of course our Attendees, for making our first Rocklin Mini Maker Faire a HUGE success! We couldn’t have done it without you! The community really came together to show support, excitement, and curiosity to all of our Makers and judging by all the smiling faces and cool projects, everyone loved it!

Special thank you to all of our Makers, who journeyed from near and far, for passing on your excitement for tinkering, learning, and making on to our younger generation and families! The memories and impacts made here will last a lifetime!

We can’t wait for next year; it’ll be bigger and better! We would appreciate any feedback you may have for us to please take this quick survey or email us. If you snapped any pictures or videos that we could use, email them or tag them on social media using #RocklinMiniMakerFaire! Stay up to date on all things Maker by following us on Facebook!

Again, on behalf of the City of Rocklin, Sierra College, Placer Arts 360, and Hacker Lab, thank you for attending the 1st annual Rocklin Mini Maker Faire! See you Fall 2016!

Schedule of Events!


The Wolverine Lounge in the Cafeteria

11:30am    How to Brand Yourself with Media Marketing by Martin                        Vo with CineCrown Media

  • Insight in how to brand your startup in this media-driven age with professional fimmaking tools and techniques. Learn the current practices of the industry and strategies for today. Q/A with award winning filmmaker and photographer Martin Vo, Creative Director of CineCrown Media.

12:30pm   Are You Raising a STE@M Superstar? by Cari Vinci                                 with InVINCIble Enterprise

  • With a focus on STEM careers, we discuss how an interest in tinkering and hacking translates into a world of opportunists available via a STE@M career.

1:30pm   How to: Sewable Electronics by Bill Hooper

  • Using Lilypad seweable electronics, you can add lights and sound to clothing. The seweable electronic can be programmed to sense information about the environment using inputs like light and temperature sensors and can act on the environment with outputs like LED lights, vibrator motors, and speakers.

2:30pm    YouTube Mom does Life Skills Demo by Joni Hilton

  • A variety of  life skills demos including cool things you can make from a wrapping paper tube, the proper way to fold a fitted sheet, what plastic bread tie colors mean, home remedy fact or fiction, and more!


The Fireside Room in the Cafeteria

10am – 12pm  Virtual Reality Zombie Game by Sebastian Romanet

  • Virtual reality is the next logical step in gaming. Try it out for yourself by getting up close and personal with zombies! One survivor, one gun, 30 zombies!

1pm – 3pm    Intel Galielo & Edison Boards with Oliver Chen & Intel

  • This hands-on workshop will guide you through the process of using the Arduino IDE and sensors to create a few “Smart Toy” sample projects.
  • Make sure to sign up at the Intel Booth beforehand- Limited space available!

Room V-121 near the Museum

12:30pm      Ethical Hacking: Understanding How the Other Side 1:30pm        Thinks and Completes the Attack with Steve Linthicum                         from the Sierra College CIS Dept.

  • This project will demonstrate available techniques associated with circumventing carefully crafted defensive techniques associated with the protection of your information. To combat electronic criminal warfare effectively, you must be able to think like an unethical hacker and understand how to use their tools of trade. This project will introduce concepts relating to unethical behaviors and current tools utilize to achieve inappropriate access to electronic information.

Clothing Swap & Sew

tshirt bags

Don’t leave your old baggie t-shirts at home, bring them to the Maker Faire!

Bring old t-shirts or other articles of clothing to swap, cut, and repurpose! Hacker Lab members will show you how to sew these old clothes into new items, such as a bag!

Throwing Big Things, FAR!


Longarm Trebuchet is a Rocklin based group (sponsored by Dobson’s BBQ) that grew out of an effort to excite kids about science and math.  The Trebuchet is like a catapult – but more efficient and is a great way to keep kids captivated and teach them about Newtonian Physics, math and power tools. We are now a multi school effort that exposes kids in two counties – from age 10 to 18- to the fun of throwing big things far!

In Fall 2015, Longarm will be hosting a set of building seminars in Rocklin that will lead up to a competition in early 2016. Like them on Facebook to stay up to date with all the details!

Experience “Makers” in All Degrees


Art is very creative and artists are the “maker” of their creations, no matter what the medium is. While many may think of a “maker” as creating something functional, it goes far beyond that and those differences are highlighted in this type of event. Even technological and functional creations have creative and artistic aspects.

PlacerArts will have an booth area at the Rocklin Mini Maker Faire with hands on art activities so the kids can be creators and makers themselves. Working artists from throughout the county will exhibit and demonstrate their work and talents.  PlacerArts will also provide information on its many programs including: Autumn Art Studios Tour, ArtWalk, classes and workshops, Placer Artists League, Gold Country Writers and art in Placer County.

By encouraging and showcasing creative efforts, whether technological, artistic or any other, we provide outlets for people to express themselves, create new and beautiful works of art, make new technological works and showcase the “makers” and results of their vision. Creativity is very important whether in hobbies, jobs, innovation, imagination and many other qualities that add to our quality of life.

Bob Reich – Placer Arts Executive Director

Up Close & Personal with Battlebots!


If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal…with a robot… here’s your chance! Matt and Wendy Maxham are bringing a few of their battle-bots, like STINGER, to our Mini Makers Faire Saturday, October 3rd.  They are no new-comers to the combat robot game, having been Makers for more than 13 years now. Matt has said that their three main principles for designing their bots are:

  1. Simplicity- make it easy to build, maintain and mostly, to repair.
  2. Mobility- they use a 6 wheel design that lets the robot keep going like the energizer bunny, even if it loses a wheel. (By the way, guess where they got inspiration for their robots mobility? Off-road 4-wheeling!)
  3. Modularity- this modular design helps the robot be more than just a rock if it gets in trouble. And, their system obviously works.

They’ve won the Combot Cup and are the RoboGames multiple heavyweight gold medalist with their bot, SEWER SNAKE.

Come meet them, and also get a look at their nemesis…a 250 pound walking robot named WRECKS! James Arluck’s creation has been featured on ABC TV’s BattleBots program.  We will also have TOMBSTONE out there that day. Maybe if we stir things up a bit, heavyweights WRECKS and STINGER might mix it up in the fashion of ALI and FRAZIER ! It’s going to be a fun day. Don’t miss it!

Parallax & their Robots!


It may not be a Picasso, but we’re looking forward to Parallax bringing Robots that can draw, to our Mini Maker Faire October 3rd. Robots that are programmed to draw a star or a flower or who knows what else. And, you’ll get a chance to have a robot draw something for YOU at the Faire.

Did you know that the word Parallax refers to the difference in the apparent position or direction of an object when viewed from a different point?  Parallax creates microcontroller tools and tutorials that help people see the tech world around them in a different light, and equips them to take a new maker role within it.

I spoke with Julia Quillen at Parallax and asked why it’s important for them to take their business outside to Mini Maker Faires like ours. She told me,  “inspiring and equipping budding makers and geniuses in our community is a win-win situation. We need inventors, not just customers, and this helps us all create the type of community we want to live in!”.

Check out what else Parallax is working on! Hackable event badges! These badges can exchange data with other badge wearers using beams of infrared light. This allows event goers to share contact information, or even play interactive games.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be at the Parallax booth at our Mini Maker Faire Saturday, October 3rd to check them out, and, to see if that robot can draw a picture of a Dinner Plate Hibiscus for me.